About Us

What is TBS Music Publishing

Established in 2007 TBS Music Publishing is an independent music publishing company registered with Broadcast Music Inc.

Our core focus at True Black Starr Music Publishing is true artist independence. Our name "Black Starr" derrives from the late Marcus Garvey (August 17, 1887 - June 10 1940) who established the "Black Star Line" which was a shipping line used for trade in the early 1900's and eventually a means for African Americans, descendants of slaves, to have transportation back to their homeland on the continent of Africa/Asia.

We recognize Black Star as a symbol of independence and freedom thus its incorporation into our Music Publishing name and corporate philosophy.

We understand the importance of independence in an artists' career so as a Music Publisher, Artist Manager we do our best to encourage our artist to be themselves and self sufficient.

We do not function on a budget of a Major Music Publisher, yet we have many of the same connections, which are integral to being a successful music publisher.  A music publisher is only as good as its connections.

What we do?

We find talent sorting through artist submissions from all over the world and often times find talented artists that are merely in need of making that special connection with:

  • Management
  • A&R/Record Labels
  • ​Distribution organizations
  • Promotions firms
  • Radio, TV & Film

What about the genre?

We are a genreless music publisher and do not limit ourselves to any particular sound. If you have talent, we have the resources to expose it.

Contact Broadcast Music Inc. for True Black Starr Music Publishing music licencing inquires.